7 Types of Essay Hooks That Grab A Reader’s Attention

Any of these options, done well, can make your essay start strong and stand out. The statistic hook gives your audience a true and hard fact to latch onto from the get-go. Gaining your reader’s trust through expertise early on will help reinforce the points you make in the rest of your argument.

  1. Mostly, an anecdote is humorous; it makes the reader laugh and leaves them wanting to read more.
  2. And fittingly enough, clever use of the right research can help you create an unforgettable hook.
  3. If readers are interested in those solutions, then they’ll keep reading.
  4. An effective introduction will give the reader a clear idea of what the essay will be about.
  5. Usually, many academic essays will expect you to argue and prove your major points with valid evidence.
  6. Don’t wax eloquent over three paragraphs about your childhood baseball league if your research paper on Little League is only four pages long.
  7. There are different types of hooks for essays and you can come up with an effective hook for any type of writing assignment right now.

No matter what kind of reputation you have, there will always be that someone who knows who you really are and loves you for that. Also, no matter how how can i be a good american essay good you might think your essay is, there will always be someone rolling their eyes. To some, it may seem too pretentious, to others too boring.

Writing Hook #1: The Startling Statement

By using essay hooks, you can creatively inform your readers about your essay topic. Like the statistic hook, this type of essay hook gives the reader tangible information right at the start.

  1. Creating threads isn’t easy, and coming up with new ideas is definitely where the task gets challenging.
  2. Of course, there will always be exceptions to this rule, so use your best judgment.
  3. Although it is uncommon to write an essay in the first person, there are exceptions, such as when writing a narrative essay.
  4. Describe the surroundings of the place you are going to write about to paint a vivid picture in a reader’s mind.
  5. And that was the point of writing in the first place.
  6. Even if the book was well-written, if the introduction was dull, you wouldn’t want to continue reading it.

The title of our blog post or recent youtube video are examples of well-formulated hooks. The quicker you start practicing them the easier they’ll become to use. narrative characteristics Hooks are always a great way to start an essay, they help in keeping your readers engaged. The above examples can be useful in helping you generate your hook.


Choosing one depends on what you are writing about and what will work best to grab the reader’s attention. But usually, these essay hooks are used in narrative, persuasive, expository, and argumentative writing. Writing a good hook for an essay may seem particularly daunting when you are writing a personal narrative. By definition, a personal narrative is a story of your life. Therefore, good essay hooks for such narratives need to both get the readers’ attention and introduce you to readers as a sympathetic character. A narrative essay is creative writing that is less formal.

different types of essay hooks

A freelance writer is someone who writes for different clients. But knowing how to become a freelance writer with no experience must come first. And the sentence at the start of this section that makes a comparison between foreplay-less love making and a lack of a hook is another example. Writing an essay without a hook is like trying to make love without any foreplay.

Types of Essay Hooks with Samples And How to Write Them

When in doubt, check your rubric and ask your teacher. Also, make sure you’re using proper citation and formatting. The anecdotal hook is a favorite for magazine journalists and, let’s be honest, most of the writers in the room. It’s an excuse for us to play with words and work in more storytelling. As a bonus, well-told stories also have a knack for sucking in readers. It’s like our radar is always pinging for another wild tale to first hear and then share. In an anecdote hook, you use a story to establish a connection between the topic and the reader to gain their attention.

A good essay hook gives an excellent introduction to your essay. When done right, it heats your reader’s interest, and they end up reading the entire essay. Have in mind a clear vision of the literary work for your essay. You will need to describe the techniques used in supporting the arguments of the given essay type. Polish your essay introduction if you want to wow your teacher.

How To Spot Fluff in Writing & 7 Simple Ways To Avoid It

A hook for an argumentative essay can be a startling fact. In contrast, that for a narrative essay can be a quotation or an anecdote. Rather you should always make it worth the reader’s time. This can only be done if you catch the reader’s interest. This is the type of hook you see on most blog posts these days. It’s a direct question that attempts to draw the reader into what has been written already.

  1. Start with a statement or declaration hook to begin your essay by making a strong claim about your topic.
  2. You could also return to the argumentative technique of asking a rhetorical question but focusing it on something related to the literature.
  3. Anecdotes work because they are personal, and because they’re personal, they infuse the underlying theme of the essay with emotion.
  4. A quotation hook is when a quote is used and explained that has relevance to the topic at hand.
  5. These facts are, in most cases, used in informative or process essays.

This blog opened with a quote from Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. If you choose a quotation hook, be sure to state and attribute the quote accurately. Also, make sure that it relates to your topic and provides a smooth transition into your essay. In the next few sentences, the introduction provides the direction for the rest of the essay. bridge sentence example There are several factors that lead to homelessness and home-insecurity among college students. If there is something from your personal life that is relevant to the topic and you would like others to know, make it your essay hook. In this article, we’ve looked closely at hooks and some of the best examples of powerful essay hooks.

Writing Hooks Practice Activities Digital Escape Argumentative Writing

An essay hook is a sentence or a couple of sentences written to grab the reader’s attention. They are placed at the start of the how to cite an author in an essay essay as the first lines of the introduction paragraph. My students often get stuck doing the same type of hook over and over.

different types of essay hooks

But, where college admissions teams will truly see your personality and drive is in your college essay. And, even then, your essay has https://blog.goodmorningaid.com/how-to-succeed-in-short-essay-writing/ to make an impact from the start. A descriptive essay works to help the reader visualize something through descriptive writing.

Writing a Good Essay Hook

Instead, you’ll want to come up with a unique question that approaches your topic from a fresh angle. By using AI you can expand a short-written story, or simply phrase it better. Before you actually write your essay, though, you https://firstnewseg.com/?p=200451/ need to know your topic — not just in name, but in-depth. You don’t have to be a subject matter expert, but you do have to research. Moreover, people get distracted easily, and if you don’t hook them quickly, you might lose them.

different types of essay hooks

Let’s take a look at some of the more commonly used ones. An analogy compares two things that are similar in some ways but different in others. This thought-provoking hook can be used to help the reader understand a concept or to make a point about something.

Generate a bold claim suggestion using AI

Quotation hooks are popular hook types in which you can use quotes from famous personalities at the start of the essay to grab your reader’s attention. It is one of the common essay hook types that are widely used in academic essays. As you will learn from the how to start an essay examples below, a hook can be a quote, a question, a surprising fact, a personal story, or a bold statement.

There is obviously a kinship between the personal statement and the personal narrative. However, personal statements are generally about helping readers understand your values, insights, skills, qualities, and interests. Personal narratives, however, get more into how both the challenges and triumphs of your life have defined who you are as a person.

They are most appropriate for reflection or explanation essays. It how to cite author in essay shows your reader that what they believe in may not be accurate.

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